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A vacuum pump is the driving force behind each milking installation. It is the vacuum pump which makes milking possible in your milking parlour. Reliability is therefore the most important quality of a vacuum pump. Additionally it is very important that a vacuum pump requires as little maintenance as possible and produces as little noise as possible.

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Specifics vacuum pump
When you purchase a new or used vacuum pump for your milking installation, a variety of specifics needs to be taken into consideration. Some examples of specifcs of (used) vacuum pumps are:

  • Direct or V-belt driven
  • Reliability
  • Energy consumption
  • Likelihood of wear
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Precision
  • Tolerance
  • Transponders
  • Responders
  • Capacity
  • Continuity
  • Protection against ingress of moisture
  • Protection against ingress of solid objects
  • Noise pressure
  • Potential vacuum fluctuations

Used vacuum pump - V-belt driven
A V-belt driven used vacuum pump with worn, badly tensioned or badly aligned V-belts can cause serious damage to your milking parlour. When you purchase a second hand or used vacuum pump for your milking parlour you need to know which brands and types are available on the market. Agripoort would be most pleased to inform you about the available options and is able to provide you with expert advice thanks to its many years of experience.

New and used vacuum pumps at Agripoort
Your pulsators, regulators and milking units need a stable vacuum to function properly. A good, used or new, vacuum pump ensures problem free milking. Agripoort always has new and second hand or used vacuum pumps available. Agripoort is an expert in vacuum pumps and buys and sells new and used vacuum pumps of only the very best quality.

For any questions concerning (the purchase of) new or used vacuum pumps please feel free to contact Agripoort:

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