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A portable milking machine is a small, mobile version of a regular milking machine. A portable milking machine, or mini milker, is a fully functional mobile milking machine which can be used for both large and small livestock. As milking units can be easily exchanged, a mini milker can be used for cows, horses, sheep and goats.

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Mini milkers – For solitary livestock and hobby farmers
Mini milkers are useful in the following situations:

  • Mini milkers are ideal for solitary cattle which have been (temporarily) isolated or are unable to enter the milking parlour.
  • Mini milkers are very suitable for hobby farmers who for instance produce their own milk or cheese.
  • Using a mini milker for sick livestock is convenient as you will not need to move the animal.
  • If livestock needs to be taken somewhere, to a show for example, a mini milker is ideal.
  • A mini milker can be useful around peak times at the milking robot.    
  • Goat farmers that keep a limited number of goats often find a mini milker more convenient than a normal milking machine.

Mini milkers – Highly durable and mobile
A mini milker sits on a highly durable solid frame with large, sturdy wheels which make it easy to manoeuvre. Some mini milkers have a hollow frame that functions as a vacuum balance tank which very easily creates a stable vacuum without any need for additional accessories. Other mini milkers have a separate vacuum tank. The latter type offers the advantage that milk cannot get into the follow frame if the reservoir should overflow.  

Mini milkers – Contact
Please feel free to contact Agripoort at any time for information about (the purchase of) mini milkers and parts and/or accessories for mini milkers. We have experience with almost all brands, types and kinds and would be pleased to be of assistance. Please see our contact details below:

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