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Buying and selling used milking machines is one of Agripoort's primary business activities. The buying of used milking machines is not only strongly increasing in the Netherlands but certainly also abroad. The Netherlands are at the fore front of the development, modernization and manufacture of milking machines. When Dutch dairy and other farmers move on to new equipment, the used milking machines are often sold abroad.

In store:

Milking Parlour 2x6 Milking Parlour 2x6
Milking Parlour 2x4 Milking Parlour 2x4
Milking Parlour 2x3 Milking Parlour 2x3
Westfalia Metatron-12 Westfalia Metatron-12

Used milking machines, what are they?
A milking machine, milking installation or milking robot is a machine which contributes towards the extraction of milk from the udders of a cow, goat or sheep. Dairy and other farmers regularly exchange their old equipment for more modern, larger, newer or just different machines and Agripoort then looks for new owners for the used milking machines.

Used milking machines at Agripoort
Agripoort is very experienced with and knowledgeable about used milking machines. We know exactly what we are buying so we also know exactly what we are selling to you. Agripoort offers very competitive prices and is second to none when it comes to quality. Used milking machines sold by Agripoort function perfectly of course. The main advantage of used milking machines is, however, that they are surprisingly cost-effective.

Used milking machine brands
Agripoort solely deals in high quality milking machines of brands in which we ourselves believe. Manufacturers of milking machines which Agripoort knows like no other include:

  • DeLaval
  • Westfalia
  • WestfaliaSurge
  • Manus
  • Fullwood
  • Gascoigne Melotte (GM)
  • S.A.C.
  • Miele

Used Milking Machines – Contact
Agripoort always has a large supply of used milking machines in stock. Please feel free to contact us on telephone number +31 (0)13 5072170 or +31 (0)6-1237 4995, at info@agripoort.com, or use our contact form.

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